The Yorkshire Flybody Hook

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Artikelnummer: 17-62X

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30,00 kr


The Yorkshire Flybody Hook, Partridge K10, är en speciell torrflugekrok som utvecklades av Peter Mackenzie-Philips.

Kroken har Brons-finish. Kroken säljs i förpackningar om 25st.

Följande storlekar finns:
#6 = Large Lure size
#8 = Small Lure size
#10 = Mayfly size
#12 = Large Dayfly size
#14 = Dayfly size
#16 = Midge size

Så här beskrivs den:
"The Yorkshire Fly Body hook will enable you to tie better balanced dry flies, with a better chance of hiding the hook. Dressing flies on Fly Body hooks is a two stage operation. Put the hook in the vice with the eye to the left. Start the thread on the point of the body, and tie in the tails and body materials. Complete the body, working to the left, until the top of the shank is reached, tie a half-hitch and then take the hook out of the vice. Put the hook into the vice with the eye pointing to the right, and complete the fly in the normal way."